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The five original members of the X-Men originally used the name “X-Terminators”: the Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, and Marvel Girl. These five X-Men were the founding members of X-Factor, which initially purported to be an organization of mutant hunters. Seeking to conceal the fact that the founders of X-Factor were themselves superhuman mutant, when the five former X-Men went into action in costume in public, they referred to themselves as members of the X-Terminators. Eventually, the founders realized that by posing as mutant hunters they were only exacerbating human prejudice against mutants. Hence, the X-Terminators publicly revealed themselves to be members of X-Factor, and abandoned the “X-Terminators” name.

X-Factor had gathered together a number of superhuman mutants who were children or adolescents, and trained them in the use of their paranormal abilities. These trainees went into action as a team during the events known as the “Inferno” to oppose the demon, N’astirh, and his minions. The trainees adopted the name “X-Terminators” for their own team.

Following the defeat of N’astirh’s invasion of New York City, three of the X-Terminators – Leech, Artie Maddocks, and Wiz Kid – returned to school. The other X-Terminators joined a larger team of adolescent mutants, the New Mutants (now known as X-Force)

First Appearance: X-TERMINATORS #1