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The Night Sift is a team comprised mainly of criminals with superhuman or supernatural powers that was organized by the masked vigilante known as the Shroud to assist him in his activities. The team is primarily active in the Los Angeles area and has several bases in the region, most notably in the so-called Tower of Shadows.

The Shroud is actually a crime fighter who believes that he will be more effective if both the general public and the criminal underworld believe him to be a criminal himself. Hence, the Shroud believes he can infiltrate criminal operations and disrupt them more easily.

In pursuit of this, the Shroud organized the Night Shift as his allies. Except for Jack Russell, the Werewolf, the other members of the Night Shift are all criminals. Of all the Shift members, only Russell knows that the Shroud is actually a crime fighter. The Shroud leads the Night Shift in combating other criminals and criminal organizations. The members of the Shift benefit by sharing in the wealth they steal from these criminals, that the latter themselves had accumulated through illegal means. Also, by keeping an eye on the other members of the Night Shift, the Shroud can make certain that they do not victimize law-abiding individuals.

The Night Shift aided Captain America in contending with the Power Broker. When Shroud was absent, the Night Shift battled the West Coast Avengers in an attempt to obtain the release of their captured member, Digger.

Dansen Macabre is the deputy leader of the Night Shift.

First Appearance: (as a team) CAPTAIN AMERICA #329

Brothers Grimm
Gypsy Moth
Dansen Macabre