Fantastic Four’s Fantasticar

The Fantasticar is a 27-foot, hybrid, vertical take-off/landing craft combining electric-powered fan lift and jet turbine thrust that yields maximum fuel efficiency. Designed by Reed Richards and constructed out of a variety of foamed alloys and employing early computer-aided manufacturing techniques, the vehicle is highly unorthodox, but air-worthy.

The Fantasticar’s maximum level flight airspeed is 550 miles per hour with all four members of the Fantastic Four on board. Maximum altitude of 30,000 feet. The twin mini-planes can each detach and fly independently of the mother craft, or by radiocontrol. They are stowed on board with one wing up. The mini-plane are released and captured by an articulated arresting arm that holds them until they are either ready for stowage or flight. Their maximum level-flight airspeed is 350 miles per hour, their normal service ceiling is 38,000 feet.

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