Mandroid’s Battlesuit

Specifications: Mandroid Armor
Designer: Anthony Stark
Major Contractor: Stane International

Armor Exterior Dimensions:
Height (overall): 87 in.
Width (overall): 49 in.
Width (short axis): 29 in.
Weight: 325 lbs.

Armor Composition:
Surface/Primary Layer: Omniurn steel
Secondary Layer: Mixture of foamed steel alloy with internal reinforcing filaments to improve resistance to flexing
Tertiary Layer: Mechanical support and suit environment control. Final layer is anti-chafing material against body
Armor Articulation Motivation: High efficiency electric motors
Musculature Enhancement: Amplifies wearer’s strength about 20 times.
Limits: DC electric motors allow for severe overloading with a theoretical limit of 500% for .01 seconds

Power Supply:
Primary: Thermoelectric radioisotope electric generator, 50,000 watts.
Secondary: 15,000 watt exotic, high density battery

Armor Systems Control:
Type: Body motion following sensors
Sub-Systems: Verbal instructions, limited commands.
Articulation / Reinforcement: Magnetic

Life Support:
Range: High altitude to deep water: 70,000 feet above to 800 feet below
Air Supply Duration: 1.2 hours
Pressure: Normal atmosphere (14.7 psi) provided internally over a wide external range
Temperature: 73° F internal, over 185° F to 1,600° F external

Environment Design Program:
Type: Full spectrum chemical, biological, nuclear environment
Range: 2 months on filtered external air
Exposure: Suit can tolerate short periods of high radiation by stepping up magnetic beam generator’s activity

Propulsion Systems:
Type: Locomotor (walking) capacity through muscle amplification
Maximum Speed: 45 mph for 14 minutes

Weapon Sub-Systems:
Major: High neuronic frequency stun cannons (2)
Description: Hand-mounted projectors
Range: 175 feet
Major: Electro-gravitic tractor/repeller field generators
Description: Hip pod located generators enabling protective force field or tractor beam Range: 15feet
Limits: Tractor beam can effect 950 lb. mass.
Major: Laser offensive torch
Description: 250 watt laser
Range: About 3 miles
Limits: Not effective in smoke, fog, clouds, etc.
Communications System: Numerous secure audio and visual channels available to user, with an average range of 30 miles (in combination with communications relay satellite; worldwide)
Computer: On board housekeeping routines which supervises all suit systems. Verbal recognition system with self-motivation programming that allows the suit to function autonomously under some battle conditions and in the event of user impairment.

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