Deathlok’s Bionic System

Specifications: Deathlok’s bionic system
Designer: Harlan Ryker
Major Contractor: Rockwell International, Manned Armor Division, IBM Corp., Federal Systems Div., BASF Corp.he CIA.

Armor Composition: Skin
Surface/Primary Layer: Long chain polymer with integrated metal-affinity polymer
Secondary Layer: Organic, semi-living tissue
Tertiary Layer: Circulatory systems, blood and lymph.
Note: Immune system inhibitor drug (group) slows normal cell division rate below threshold of effectiveness, Result–slow, but progressive decay. Requiring periodic organic parcement.

Armor Articulation Motivation: Core-less helical motor driven muscle
Musculature Enhancement: Electronically augmented analysis/response reflexes – practical enhancement: 20 times faster than average human reaction time.
Limits: Endurance 5 times human level
Note: Computer augmented brain employs thought process analogs, which allow an analysis/response time on the order of 100,000 times faster than human reflex, but is encumbered by the motor re time

Power Supply:
Type: Nuclear thermoelectric
Note: Average service.3 yrs

Armor Systems Controls: Cybernetic
Type: Computer augmentation of thought processes is integrated to the point that volition is often the result of computer heuristic algorithms rather than conscious free will thinking.
Sub-System: Hard-wire computer port for maintenance, reprogramming, and systems analysis. Consists of light encoded multimode input/output.
Special Features: Computer-enhanced hunches (statistical interpretation of seemingly unrelated phenomenon) and patternition.

Articulation Seals/Reinforcement: Immune system inhibitor drug group suppresses organic tissues’ natural rejection of organic/synthetic materierface.

Life Support:
Type: Conventional respiration augmented by a waste filtration system which enhances physical endurance by a factor of 5.
Note: Filtration system requires servicing every 2-3 years of normiration

Weapon Sub-Systems:
Offensive: 150-watt/second helium neon laser pistol.
Range: 1/8 inch collimated beam has an in definite range limited only by atmospheric condition.
Secondary: 9 inch throwing dagger.
Note: Dagger patterned after Marine Corps. combat knife and is magnetically affixed to tt calf.

Special Features: Computer enhanced through processes and reflexes plus artificial, superhuman musculature combine to make a formidable fighting man.

Warranty: 30 years or 3000 miles

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