X-Men Jet

Data: Blackbird
Power Plant: 2 Shi’ar vari-function hot-inlet compressor fuel are combustion engines(ram jets)
Wing Span: 62 feet 6 inches
Length, overall, incl. nose probe: 88 Feet 4 inches
Height: 19 feet 2 inches
Cabin: Max. width 9 feet 5 inches, Max. height 7 feet 1 inch
Normal tale-off weight: 145,000 lbs.
Max. Level speed at Sea Level: Mach 2.3 (1,770 mph)
Max. Level speed at 120,000 Feet: Mach 4.2 (3,234 mph)
Max. rate of climb at SL to 80,000 feet: 29.5 MPS
Service ceiling: 230,000 feet
Range with max. fuel, 5% fuel reserve, 5,500 lbs payload: 8,200 miles
Range with max fuel, 5% fuel reserve: 12,600 miles
Accommodation: Flight crew of 3, 4 passenger, negative direction, high velocity escape capsule, sleep 4 vertical take-off and landing from fixed engines:uses fuel trim tanks for stability: full 3 month survival gear.

Operational equipment: Shi’ar cloaking device, all-band communications, deep-space ready cabin, intelligence gathering equipment of Shi’ar and human design.

The X-Men’s primary aircraft, known as the Blackbird, is a projected design by Carence “Kelly” Johnson, former head of the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation Projects Group (the “Skunk Works”) prior to his retirement. The Skunk Works were responsible for the design and fabrication of the still- unequaled 1960’s and 70’s record-holding high performance strategic/reconnaissance craft the SR-71 , and its offensive version, the YF-12A. These craft are two seaters and the X-Men Blackbird (projected designation: RS-150) accommodates a flight crew of 3 and 4 passengers (that is: protected by escape gear; more loose passengersare possible). The RS-150 was never realized as part of the United States reconnaissance program, but in the early 70s S.H.I.E.L.D. (Supreme Headquaters International Espionage and Law-Enforcement Devision) acquired the design and exotic tooling experience of this craft from Lockheed and produced an unspecified number of these highly classified aircraft. Only one survives today, the X-Men Blackbird. The rest apparently have been destroyed under unknown circumstances. The current Blackbird had been completely re-built using ultra-advanced Shi’Ar technology. Problems encountered at Mach 4 plus flight speeds, such as high temperatures, mechanical operations and stability, and routine equipment functioning have now been eliminated.

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