Powerhouse is a member of Xandarian alien race, with superhuman strength and the ability to absorb energy from any source to temporarily enhance his physical strength fiftyfold, absorb the energy from a weapon used against him and redirect it against an assailant, and even create a psionic link with an opponent with whom he is in physical contact so as to control his opponent’s use of his or her own powers.

Davan was a member of the Syfon division of the Nova Corps, Xandar’s superhuman military. He was sent into space to perform surveillance on the starship of Zorr, the interstellar warlord who went on to shatter Xandar. Before Davan could report on Zorr’s activities, his ship was hit by a meteor shower and careened off-course, eventually crossing the space of galaxies and landing in a body of water on Earth.[1] Davan’s ship was found by the Avian criminal Condor, who brainwashed Davan into serving him.[2] Eventually Davan regained his memory and returned to Xandar, serving in the Champions of Xandar.[3]

He was killed fighting the forces of Nebula.[4]

Powers and abilities

Powerhouse had superhuman strength, and the ability to siphon the energies of any power-source, including living beings.

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