Aelfyre Whitemane

Aelfyre Whitemane

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Aelfyre Whitemane
WhiteyC Aelfyre Whitemane
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Power Pack #1 (Aug 1984)
Created by Louise Simonson and June Brigman
In-story information
Species Kymellian
Team affiliations Ally of Power Pack
Notable aliases Whitey

Aelfyre Whitemane was a fictional character in the Marvel Universe. His first and only appearance was in Power Pack #1 in 1984.

Aelfyre Whitemane, commonly referred to as Whitey, was a Kymellian xenologist with a love of Earth culture and books.[1] He was the son of Lord Byrel, a Kymellian elder, and a relative of Lords Yrik and Kofi Whitemane.

[edit] Fictional character biography

Whitey discovered that Dr. James Power, a human scientist, was working on a formula for a process to generate energy from Antimatter with the assistance of a converter. He knew that the formula had a fatal flaw; the same experiment had been attempted on the Kymellian home-world and had resulted in the destruction of the planet. In spite of the Kymellian policy of non-interference, Whitey secretly traveled to Earth in his “smartship”, a sentient starship called Friday. He felt that because of the Earth’s “treasure” of literature, it should be saved from destruction, and sought to warn the Powers before the converter was activated.[2][3]

Whitey successfully reached the Powers’ home in Virginia. Before he could warn the family, another alien race, the Snarks, kidnapped Dr. Power and his wife, Margaret, with the hope of obtaining the secret of Antimatter. Whitey was, however, able to rescue the Powers’ four children and tell them what was happening. He was mortally wounded in the process, but before dying, he passed his powers to them to complete his mission.[2] The children were successful in stealing and destroying the anti-matter converter, and went on to form the superhero team Power Pack.[4]

Although Whitey’s only appearance was in issue one of Power Pack, his influence was felt throughout the series. The Power Pack held Whitey in great reverence, and sometimes brought him up in conversation or during times of stress.[5][6] In addition, Whitey’s last words “save your world,” were held up as the team’s ongoing mission.[7]

[edit] Footnotes

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