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Yukio %28comics%29 Yukio
Yukio, by Marc Silvestri
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Wolverine #2 (September, 1982)
Created by Chris Claremont
Frank Miller
In-story information
Full name Yukio (last name unknown)
Species Human
Team affiliations Mutant Underground
Abilities Experienced martial artist

Yukio is a fictional character in the Marvel universe. She is a female ninja of Japanese origin and is a supporting character of the X-Men. She first appeared in Wolverine #2 (September 1982) and was created by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller.


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[edit] Fictional character biography

Yukio is an occasional thief by profession, as well as a ronin, a masterless samurai. Yukio has been portrayed as a free spirit with an almost careless disregard for personal danger.

While she is highly skilled in the martial arts, Yukio is not a mutant and possesses no super powers. Her speciality weapons are scalpel-like shuriken, of which she can hurl several at a time with deadly accuracy.

[edit] Association with X-Men

The X-Men’s first encounter with Yukio occurred when Wolverine had his struggle with Shingen Yashida, father of Wolverine’s girlfriend Mariko Yashida. At that time Yukio worked for Shingen, and one of her tasks was to kill Wolverine. Instead she developed a crush on him and subsequently aided him in bringing about Shingen’s downfall[1].

Later, Wolverine invites his team to Japan for his wedding to Mariko. Viper and the Silver Samurai poisoned the X-Men during a dinner that Logan hosted for them. Logan, tasting the poison, warned Ororo and knocked the cup from her hand before she could drink it. While the others were recuperating from the attack, Storm, Wolverine, Rogue (who had been unaffected) and Yukio went after Viper and the Silver Samurai to stop the Samurai’s plot to assassinate Mariko, who was his half-sister. Yukio posed as a decoy, disguising herself as Mariko to lead them away from her[2].

During their altercation with Viper and Silver Samurai, Storm blasted the Silver Samurai with her lightning, finding to her horror that her powers were out of control. Storm drew the lightning back into herself, nearly electrocuting herself in the process. Yukio knocked Storm out of the path of her lightning bolts and dove with her into the nearby bay, enabling them to escape from the Silver Samurai. (Actually, these events had been brought about and influenced by the mutant villain Mastermind, who was conducting a revenge campaign against the X-Men at the time. He was also responsible for the subsequent halting of Wolverine’s and Mariko’s wedding.)

[edit] Impact and future appearances

Storm, inspired by what she called Yukio’s “madness” and lust for life, changed her image dramatically and adopted a new look: a mohawk haircut, studded collar, and black leather clothing. Yukio would become one of Storm’s close friends.

Yukio later met up, once again, with Wolverine to help him fight the ninja master Ogun[3]

Yukio has a rivalry with the X-Man Gambit. Both being thieves, they often tried to steal the same object. Yukio framed Gambit for a crime she committed[4].

Yukio is also part of Professor X’s secret information network of humans and mutants, known as the Mutant Underground (not to be confused with Cable’s Underground).

[edit] Yukio and Amiko

After the death of Mariko Yashida, Wolverine sent his adopted daughter, Amiko Kobayashi, to a foster family. He later discovered that her new foster parents were abusive and only interested in the money. Wolverine took Amiko away from them and asked Yukio to raise her. This unofficial adoption was under the protection of the Silver Samurai, now an ally of Wolverine. Yukio trained Amiko in the martial arts and to her own surprise she enjoyed her new role as a mother. When Sabretooth targeted Wolverine’s friends and family, he hired Omega Red and Lady Deathstrike to kidnap Amiko. Yukio fought the two, but was overpowered and seriously injured. She asked Wolverine to kill her, but Wolverine refused. He saved Amiko shortly afterwards, but it is unclear if he returned her to Yukio.

Yukio reappeared and seemed fully recovered from her previous injuries[5]. She teamed up with Storm again to enter the Arena, a fight club for mutants. In the end Yukio, Storm and Callisto took over the Arena.

It has been hinted upon by Wolverine that Yukio’s real first name could be “Yukiko”. It’s a common habit that Japanese girls drop the extra “k” in their name to sound more mature. However, since Logan joked about it and the fact has since then never again been touched upon, its unclear if Yukiko is Yukio’s actual real name or not[6].

[edit] References

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