Blue Streak

Bluestreak (Blue Kelso) is a fictional character who appeared in the Marvel Comics series A-Next. Though not related to Quicksilver, her powers and costume certainly invoke him, in the same way many of the MC2 universe characters resemble those of Earth-616.


Fictional character biography

Little is known about the energetic Bluestreak’s past. It is known that she is a mutant gifted with incredible speed, who left the newest incarnation of the X-Men (the X-People) because they were not “flashy” enough for her. She joins the Dream Team who soon become part of the new Avengers team. She quickly develops a crush on teammate J2 (a fact to which he is completely oblivious). Cocky and impulsive, Bluestreak often has problems following the orders of Mainframe. The only thing that surpasses her exuberant attitude is her skill at using her speed. When Mainframe’s inert body needs to be taken across the city in less than a minute, she places him on a gurney and covers the needed distance in virtually no time at all, even remarking afterwards that she could have stopped for a sandwich, but did not want to show off.

Bluestreak’s real name is revealed as Blue Kelso.[1] She is not to be confused with the deceased similarly named, techno-based villain Blue Streak.


Powers and abilities

Bluestreak is a mutant capable of running at superhuman speeds. Her top velocity is unknown, but she can exceed the speed of sound. She also possesses incredible stamina and can run for long periods of time without showing any signs of fatigue.

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