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200px KeenDetectiveFunnies23 Airman
Airman on the cover of Keen Detective Funnies #23. Art by Harry Sahle.
Publication information
Publisher Centaur Publications
Malibu Comics
First appearance Keen Detective Funnies #23 (August 1940)
Created by George Kapitan (script)
Harry Sahle (art)
In story information
Alter ego Drake Stevens
Team affiliations (Malibu Comics) The Protectors
Abilities Suit gives the ability to fly

Airman (also written Air Man) is a fictional Golden Age superhero published by Centaur Publications. He first appeared in Keen Detective Funnies #23 (August 1940). After Centaur Publications went out of business, Airman lapsed into the public domain. In 1992, he was revived by Malibu Comics in the pages of Protectors. He also starred in a one-shot spin-off. The Malibu Comics version is currently owned by Marvel Comics, which purchased the company’s assets in 1994. That version hasn’t appeared since. A number of adventures of the Golden Age version were reprinted by AC Comics.

[edit] Centaur Comics

The original Airman is Drake Stevens, son of Claude Stevens, a renowned ornithologist. When his father is senselessly murdered, the police are unable to bring the killer to justice. Outraged, Drake puts together a costume consisting of a pair of gas-filled wings and a jet-pack, establishing the crime-fighting identity of Airman. He also utilizes guns and bombs in his quest for justice.

[edit] Malibu Comics

150px AirmanMalibuComics Airman

magnify clip Airman

The Malibu Comics version of Airman

The new version of Airman debuted in contemporary times. His origin is nearly identical to the original incarnation, except in this version, his father is named Edward and the murderer is revealed to be a supervillain named Captain Klegg. His suit is also different from the original. In addition to a jet pack and the wings on the old suit, the new suit boasts motorized talons in the boots and gloves, as well as a utility belt and a specially designed cowl that gives him telescopic vision.

In the Protectors universe, the heroes have gone into hiding following a disastrous battle at the town of Brinkston. They are drawn together to face Mr Monday, and the Protectors are formed.

While on the team, Drake is often insecure because of his relative inexperience. He is a friend and an ally of Thresher. He rescues the hero in the pages of his own series from the clutches of the Conqueror, a supervillain minion of major Protectors foe the Great Question.

[edit] References

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