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Green Lantern Jade Jade (DC Comics)
Jade as the new Green Lantern.
Art by Dale Eaglesham.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance All-Star Squadron # 25 (September 1983)
Created by Roy Thomas (writer)
Jerry Ordway (artist)
In story information
Alter ego Jennifer-Lynn Hayden
Team affiliations Outsiders
Infinity, Inc.
Blood Pack
Green Lantern Corps
Notable aliases Green Lantern V
Abilities Willpower-based green constructs, control over plants.

Jade (Jennifer-Lynn Hayden) is a fictional character, a superhero in the DC Comics DC universe. Known affectionately as “Jennie” or “Jen”, she is the daughter of Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern who has also been known as Sentinel. Her mother is Rose Canton, the Golden Age villain known as Thorn. Jennie-Lynn has a twin brother, Todd James Rice, who is the superhero Obsidian.[1]

Along with Obsidian, Jade was a founding member of Infinity Inc.. She has worked with both the Justice League and Justice Society of America, as well as most recently being a member and eventual leader of the Outsiders. She was also a member of the resurrected Green Lantern Corps. She has been romantically linked with Hank King (Brainwave) and with Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. She was the first female Green Lantern from Earth.



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Fictional character history


Jade’s mother Rose was briefly married to Alan Scott, but fled upon conceiving their children, fearing she would harm them. She gave them up for adoption and they were separated. Jennie-Lynn was adopted by a couple in the Milwaukee suburbs. Jennie did not learn she had a twin brother until she was in her late teens. Shortly after she and Todd met, surmising they were the children of Alan Scott, they attempted to join the Justice Society. They were rejected, but joined with other children and proteges of JSA members to form Infinity Inc.

Due to her father’s exposure to magical energies, she and her brother were born with metahuman powers, although Jade’s only manifested themselves when she was defending herself from being sexually assaulted as a child. Jade’s powers greatly resemble those of the Green Lantern Corps: she is able to generate green energy and shape it into constructs according to her will. She once lost those powers when she fought the Starheart, the source of her powers, but they were restored by Kyle Rayner during his first, short tenure as the god-like Ion. She later discovered that she had her mother’s plant manipulation powers, when she caused roses to attack a mugger. While on a date with Kyle on an alien world, she told him that her skin actually contains chlorophyll (the source of its green hue), and she can photosynthesize sunlight like a plant. While she was without her powers, Kyle gave her a power ring and she briefly served as Earth’s Green Lantern.

150px Jadedeath Jade (DC Comics)

magnify clip Jade (DC Comics)

The death of Jade. Art by Ivan Reis.

Her internalized powers function much like those of her father. She can create ‘solid-light’ constructs out of green energy emitted from the star-mark on her palm, and can fly. She shares his weakness to wood and cellulose, but has no need to periodically recharge her powers.

When Kyle Rayner left Earth after the violent beating of his friend Terry Berg, Jade opted to come along with him; however, after several missions, Jade decided that she wanted to go back to Earth. Once back she became involved with another man and ended her relationship with Kyle (in that order). She recently served as a member and then eventual leader of the new Outsiders. Around this time, Jade helped Donna Troy and a collection of Titans alumni in battle against the Titans of Myth.

In Infinite Crisis, Donna Troy led a group of Earth’s heroes, including Jade, into space, where they try to deal with a growing rift in space. The Green Lantern Corps, represented by Kyle Rayner and Kilowog, also responded to this threat.

In the Rann-Thanagar War Infinite Crisis Special, Jen died trying to stop Alexander Luthor, Jr. from tearing the universe into a Multiverse. Her consciousness lingered within her power until her Starheart powers merged with Kyle. This merge awakened the slumbering Ion entity that Kyle unknowingly had within him, and subsequently made him much more powerful.

New Jade

 Jade (DC Comics)

magnify clip Jade (DC Comics)

The new Jade, Nicki Jones, is introduced. Art by Chris Batista.

In 52 #11, Donna Troy is presented with evidence from one of the Monitors that she, not Jade, was supposed to die trying to stop Luthor. In 52 #29, a young woman named Nicki Jones is introduced as a member of the new Lex Luthor-owned Infinity, Inc. under the name “Jade”. A vegetarian graphic arts student from the San Francisco Art Institute, Jones possesses the ability to project glowing vines from her fingertips, the ability to fly and green energy powers. She debuted at a Thanksgiving parade only to be attacked by Obsidian, who accused her of trying to steal his sister’s legacy.

In 52 #40, the members of Infinity, Inc., with the exception of Nicki, Natasha Irons, and the recently deceased Jacob Colby (Skyman), battled Steel and the Teen Titans and were then arrested. She then appeared during #50 and World War III, alongside the remains of Infinity Inc. However, the team was too scared to face Black Adam and ran off.

One Year Later

One year after the Infinite Crisis, Alan Scott lies in a coma after an attack by the Gentleman Ghost. The original Jade appears to him to say goodbye. She grants her father another portion of her green energy, which replaces his lost eye. It had been lost during a Zeta Beam malfunction during the Infinite Crisis (in fact, the one eye he was left with isn’t even his). The replaced eye, having mystical origins, allows Alan to track astral and mystical energy forms.[2]

Alternate versions

In Alex Ross’s miniseries Kingdom Come, Jade, now older, took up the mantle of Green Lantern (identified as Green Lantern VI in the endnotes of collected editions) after Kyle Rayner. Jade’s efforts, along with the assistance of others, allow some survivors (including herself and her father) when the United Nations drops a nuclear bomb on the climatic battle.

In the DC Tangent Comics’s version of Jade, Jade is an Asian woman with the power to turn her tattoos into living dragons.


In the final issue of 52, a new Multiverse is revealed, originally consisting of 52 identical realities. Among the parallel realities shown is one designated “Earth-2”. As a result of Mister Mind “eating” aspects of this reality, it takes on visual aspects similar to the pre-Crisis Earth-Two, including Jade among other Justice Society of America characters. The names of the characters and the team are not mentioned in the panel in which they appear, but Jade is visually similar to the Jenny-Lynn Hayden incarnation of Jade.[3]

Based on comments by Grant Morrison, this alternate universe is not the pre-Crisis Earth-Two.[4]


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