Tomorrow Woman

She was created jointly by Professor Ivo and Professor T. O. Morrow to destroy the newly formed JLA. She became a member based on her telekinetic abilities which she claimed were the result of a “mutant 4 lobed brain.” Actually, she was a living bomb designed to go off at a specified moment and kill the entire JLA. Eventually though, she denied her purpose, discovering the concept of freedom that her creators had deliberately left out of her programming. She sacrificed herself in order to stop a futuristic war machine by triggering an EMP bomb located in her body, which was originally intended to wipe the brains of the League. It was revealed that Morrow had seen this coming and was thrilled by it. He and Ivo had frequently argued about who had done the better work on her. Ivo thought that the body he had made, which was realistic enough to fool even Superman’s heightened senses and x-ray vision, was the true work of genius. Morrow proved him wrong however, as the brain he himself had created was sophisticated and “human” enough to discover free will, even though the concept had not been included in her original programming.

Tomorrow Woman proved to be a popular character, and as such, made one more appearance in the Hourman series. The third Hourman revived her in hopes of quelling moral dilemmas he had pertaining to his android status, and for the last fifty minutes of his Hour of Power, she continued that existence, cementing her status as a hero as she saved lives and lived her life to the fullest. She taught Hourman what consequences his actions can have. In that short time, the two formed a connection that ultimately, when Tomorrow Woman disappeared at the end of the hour, left Hourman with a hole in his non-existent heart.

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