L-Ron (full name L-Ron H*bb*rd, a reference to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard[1]), a robot in the DC Comics universe. L-Ron first appeared in Justice League International #14 (June 1988).
He is initially the robot companion of Manga Khan, an intergalactic trader, and in that role appears as a foe of the Justice League in the early 1990s. L-Ron also has a different form. Khan damages him over anger that a JLA team had successfully followed the ship and Mister Miracle, who was a prisoner inside; in fact they had beat him by several minutes. L-Ron isn’t too concerned about the damage, he wonders what forms are available in the ‘fall line’.
Manga Khan trades L-Ron to the Justice League in exchange for the inert body of the villain Despero.

L-Ron is considered a hero [1] and assists the League in various non-combat roles (mainly administration and maintenance). He annoys many of them by inventing praise-laden salutations when he appears.


Later on, L-Ron’s consciousness is transferred into the body of Despero by Kilowog in a desperate attempt to stop the villain’s latest rampage. During the “Breakdowns” storyline that ran through Justice League America and Justice League Europe, Despero wakes up in L-Ron’s body and attacks the Justice League International including Fire, Ice and Blue Beetle. Despero/L-Ron is defeated when he chases them outside and is shot by a duck hunter.

L-Ron continues to associate with the League, becoming a member of the Justice League Task Force. He works closely with Gypsy, Martian Manhunter and Triumph. Despero’s body affects L-Ron, giving him the urge to kill innocents.

Back In Form

Under unknown circumstances, he returns to the form in which he had been sold to the Justice League. He is last seen acting as Maxwell Lord’s assistant and liaison with Guy Gardner in the “Super Buddies”. Manga attempts to buy him back but is refused. This story reveals he had been romantically involved with a robot known as J-Lo.

During his time with the Super Buddies, several members of the team vanish due to a misunderstanding over the function and form of a mystical artifact. Lord and Sue Dibny speculate on sending L-Ron along the magical path to investigate, an idea he strongly protests.

Afterwards L-Ron disappeared into a comics limbo of sorts. Recently he has been seen working with a team of supervillains known as the Robot Renegades. His motives for working with the villains is yet unknown, though he does assist the Metal Men in fighting the Death Metal Men.

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